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In the heart of Dhanmondi, there thrives a nexus of medical excellence, an institution that has become synonymous with comprehensive, cutting-edge healthcare — Popular Hospital. This esteemed establishment prides itself on a cadre of top-tier medical professionals whose commitment to healthcare transcends the ordinary, offering not just treatments but holistic patient care experiences. Let’s delve into the world of these commendable healers, exploring their backgrounds, specialties, and unparalleled contributions to medical science and patient care.

1. Prof. Dr. Moinul Hossain

Prof. Dr. Moinul Hossain

A connoisseur of anesthesiology and adept in pain management, Prof. Dr. Moinul Hossain’s illustrious career is marked by profound contributions to patient comfort and surgical success. With his foundational medical expertise fortified with an FCPS in Anesthesiology and advanced training from Japan, he stands as a beacon of hope for patients grappling with chronic pain. His empathetic approach, coupled with technical prowess, makes him a celebrated figure at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital.

2. Dr. Shukha Ranjan Das

Dr. Shukha Ranjan Das

Dr. Das’s name is often whispered with reverence in corridors where pain management innovations are discussed. His academic journey, punctuated with a DA and FCPS in Anesthesiology and a pivotal FIPM from India, underscores his dedication. A respected consultant in pain management, his work at Dhaka Medical College & Hospital cements his reputation as a patient advocate and a master of interventional pain medicine techniques.

3. Prof. Dr. Kazi Manzur Kader

Prof. Dr. Kazi Manzur Kader

Cancer, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of many, meets its match in professionals like Prof. Dr. Kader. With an academic arsenal that includes an MBBS, DMRT, MSC, and prestigious fellowships, he has been a forerunner in radiation oncology. His tenure as the Former Professor & Head of Radiation Oncology at the National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital is adorned with tales of patient triumphs over malignancies, thanks to his expertise and care.

4. Prof. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman Ansary

Prof. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman

Prof. Dr. Ansary’s career is a testament to relentless pursuit in the field of oncology. His credentials, rich with an MBBS, DIH, DMRT, and a WHO fellowship, highlight his scholarly and practical journey in combating cancer. His role as the Former Director & Professor of Radiotherapy at the National Institute of Cancer Research & Hospital was not just a position but a mission statement, emphasizing holistic, compassionate cancer care.

5. Dr. Happy Haque

Dr. Happy Haque

Dr. Happy Haque’s professional narrative is nothing short of inspiring. With an MBBS and MPhil in Clinical Oncology, complemented by specialized training from Georgetown University (USA), she has carved her niche in the challenging terrain of breast and cervical cancer treatment. Her leadership role in oncology at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College & Hospital speaks volumes about her dedication to transforming cancer care paradigms.


As our journey through the corridors of Popular Hospital Dhanmondi draws to a close, it’s evident that this institution isn’t just a hospital. It’s a sanctuary where healing is imparted, hope is restored, and lives are reborn, thanks to the relentless efforts of its medical professionals.

These five doctors symbolize the ethos of Popular Hospital — expertise, empathy, and continuous evolution for patient-centered care. Their diverse specialties underscore the institution’s commitment to holistic healthcare, offering a beacon of hope for those grappling with diverse health challenges.

Patients stepping into Popular Hospital aren’t just meeting doctors; they’re entrusting their lives to guardians armed with knowledge, fortified by experience, and driven by the oath to heal and protect. In the fight against ailments, be they physical or emotional, one doesn’t just need a doctor; one needs a healer, a guide, a confidant, and a strategist. And it’s in this regard that the luminaries of Popular Hospital shine brightest, turning daunting medical journeys into pilgrimages of healing and hope.

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